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Microgaming brings online casino players ‘a bit of bully’

Back in the 1990s British TV was dominated not by reality shows and talent show competitions, but by family friendly game shows instead. The classic game show may not be as prominent as it once was, but they still deliver fond memories of how TV used to be. When you think about classic game shows that offered wall-to-wall fun, Bullseye immediately springs to mind. The darts based show may not have had all the credentials of a smash hit upon initial release, but as time passed it would become a national treasure. Given that nostalgia is a theme of choice in 2015, an online casino slots version of Bullseye was bound to arrive sooner or later.

On December 1st Microgaming delivered what many had been waiting for, as Bullseye finally made its long awaited slot game debut at Microgaming powered sites. You can find an online casino that offers Bullseye by checking out the recommendations at Onlinecasino.plus. Recreating the fun loving nature of the show, this game delivers plenty of 1990s ‘cheese’. From the hosting legend that is Jim Bowen to his animated sidekick Bully, this game features every single aspect that made the original game-show must see TV in the first place. Sure to become an online casino gem, players will be lining up to test their aim and skill on Bullseye in the weeks to come.

Taking Flight

While many popular game shows of the 1990s delivered a serious experience, Bullseye opted to do something a little bit different. Veering away from the traditional game show formula, the show prided itself on delivering all-round-fun viewing. When a game show is as fun as Bullseye, you can be sure that the online slots version is going to be just as entertaining. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, by the looks of things Microgaming is onto to a real winner with this title. Making it instantly recognisable in the eyes of players, this is a casino online adaptation that certainly doesn’t short change players when it comes to original imagery. Replicating the contestant experience almost exactly, when you play Bullseye at a casino online you will really feel like you are participating in the real show.


The framework of Bullseye will be immediately recognisable to those who have played a Microgaming casino online  before. You are almost assured of action through the thrilling 3-row, 5-reel, 243 ways to win setup, with reels feature plenty of recognisable Bullseye imagery. Speedboats, cars, and caravans can all be seen on the reels as they spin, but it is the famous darts symbol that players need to keep a special eye out for. Acting as the wild symbol for Bullseye, when found on reels one and five it triggers a bonus round that brings Bully into play. The famous animated bull is the show’s prized mascot and he hosts the slot variation’s bonus round. Offering up major prizes including a massive 15x multiplier, online casino players can step up to the oche and throw darts all in the name of securing a big win. In keeping with the theme, should you locate three of more scatter symbols, you will be handed a whole selection of free spins. More importantly, you will be handed free spins that are re-triggerable, which means you can play with unlimited profit in mind.

Bank on Bullseye

Microgaming have made some seriously fun online casino games in recent years, but arguably none are more fun to spin the reels of than Bullseye. Loaded with everything that made the original show so fun to watch, online casino players who fancy experiencing a slice of classic game show nostalgia should step up to the oche and play ‘a bit of bully’.