February 2015

The common myths of online blackjack

If one online casino game encounters more myths than any other it’s blackjack. They seem to follow the game around, especially within the world of online blackjack. Some of the myths may seem legitimate, some of the myths may seem silly, but whatever the myth is, this article is here to debunk it for good.

Myth – Blackjack is all luck

Truth – Is there a luck element within the world of online blackjack? Without doubt, but it certainly isn’t all that the game is made up of. If you want to win at blackjack consistently you are going you need skill and strategy more than just the “luck of the cards”.

Myth – All blackjack strategies are complicated and time consuming

Truth – Scientists developed the initial blackjack strategies during the mid 1950s. While the strategies may have come from the top minds of that generation, to say that such strategies in this day are complicated is an overstatement. The basic playing strategy that is so famous can be learnt with relative ease, plus there are newer strategies around that are even easier to implement. The fact is that strategies come in various different skill levels, from novice to professional, so there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be using one when play online blackjack.

Myth – Betting on side bets reduces the house edge

Truth – There is no doubt that for some casino games putting more money on the table can increase a players control, but no matter what people say online blackjack isn’t one of them. Side bets are there for one purpose and one purpose only, to increase how much the casino can make. The side bets are often cheap and are given countless fancy names (such as pair square, lucky ladies, and bonus blackjack). The problem is that these side bets regularly have a high house edge and in the long run the casino is just going to sweep up all the money you choose to put down.

Myth – All online blackjack variations are pretty much the same

Truth – This is the myth that annoys me the most, as it clearly derails the game of so many blackjack players. I must now state for the record that not all blackjack games are the same, in fact there are big differences between them. The game to watch out for the most is single deck blackjack that pays out at 6 to 5. The online casinos promote this game rigorously, but it doesn’t deliver the same level of payout as traditional two-deck blackjack games.

Myth – Casino bonuses are traps

Truth – This has been a myth that has circulated for sometime and even though there is some truth to it, to say that casino bonuses are simply “traps” would be unfair. They are issued to you with key conditions with regards to wagering, but whichever way you look at it they offer you the chance to bet on blackjack for free. If you want more specific information on the casino bonuses available and their terms I recommend you pay a visit to one of the bigger casino portals on the interntet. You can get some great casino online offers at casinohits.se!

Myth – You can play blackjack “blind”

Truth – There are many recreational players who logon to an online casino and think that they can play through betting strategy alone and ignore the cards on the table. Playing blackjack blind has been a strategy committed by those on supposed “hot streaks” or flashy players who want to look more impressive than they actually are. The truth is that playing a hand blind is something very foolish, always stay focused and understand the cards you hold at all times.