Microgaming brings online casino players ‘a bit of bully’

Back in the 1990s British TV was dominated not by reality shows and talent show competitions, but by family friendly game shows instead. The classic game show may not be as prominent as it once was, but they still deliver fond memories of how TV used to be. When you think about classic game shows that offered wall-to-wall fun, Bullseye immediately springs to mind. The darts based show may not have had all the credentials of a smash hit upon initial release, but as time passed it would become a national treasure. Given that nostalgia is a theme of choice in 2015, an online casino slots version of Bullseye was bound to arrive sooner or later.

On December 1st Microgaming delivered what many had been waiting for, as Bullseye finally made its long awaited slot game debut at Microgaming powered sites. You can find an online casino that offers Bullseye by checking out the recommendations at Onlinecasino.plus. Recreating the fun loving nature of the show, this game delivers plenty of 1990s ‘cheese’. From the hosting legend that is Jim Bowen to his animated sidekick Bully, this game features every single aspect that made the original game-show must see TV in the first place. Sure to become an online casino gem, players will be lining up to test their aim and skill on Bullseye in the weeks to come.

Taking Flight

While many popular game shows of the 1990s delivered a serious experience, Bullseye opted to do something a little bit different. Veering away from the traditional game show formula, the show prided itself on delivering all-round-fun viewing. When a game show is as fun as Bullseye, you can be sure that the online slots version is going to be just as entertaining. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, by the looks of things Microgaming is onto to a real winner with this title. Making it instantly recognisable in the eyes of players, this is a casino online adaptation that certainly doesn’t short change players when it comes to original imagery. Replicating the contestant experience almost exactly, when you play Bullseye at a casino online you will really feel like you are participating in the real show.


The framework of Bullseye will be immediately recognisable to those who have played a Microgaming casino online  before. You are almost assured of action through the thrilling 3-row, 5-reel, 243 ways to win setup, with reels feature plenty of recognisable Bullseye imagery. Speedboats, cars, and caravans can all be seen on the reels as they spin, but it is the famous darts symbol that players need to keep a special eye out for. Acting as the wild symbol for Bullseye, when found on reels one and five it triggers a bonus round that brings Bully into play. The famous animated bull is the show’s prized mascot and he hosts the slot variation’s bonus round. Offering up major prizes including a massive 15x multiplier, online casino players can step up to the oche and throw darts all in the name of securing a big win. In keeping with the theme, should you locate three of more scatter symbols, you will be handed a whole selection of free spins. More importantly, you will be handed free spins that are re-triggerable, which means you can play with unlimited profit in mind.

Bank on Bullseye

Microgaming have made some seriously fun online casino games in recent years, but arguably none are more fun to spin the reels of than Bullseye. Loaded with everything that made the original show so fun to watch, online casino players who fancy experiencing a slice of classic game show nostalgia should step up to the oche and play ‘a bit of bully’.

Video poker – A beginner’s guide

Don’t be fooled, video poker isn’t a complicated game to play. If you know how to play poker at the table, you can be sure that those skills will translate to the online video variation. It blends the top features of both the traditional table game and modern day slot machines. Even though video poker is an easy game to approach it will take some skill and knowledge to master. This guide breaks down the ins and outs of video poker, along with providing you with the basics of a video poker gaming strategy.

Video Poker Rules

What draws people towards online video poker is sample; its odds are better than the large majority of other slot related games available. The catch is that to truly take advantage of the better odds you need to approach the game with the right strategy in mind. The game will always start the same way; you’ll be dealt five cards of which you will decide which ones you wish to keep or discards. After making that decision you need to hit the draw button in order to generate replacement cards. You win the game if you end up with a classic poker hand such as a pair, flush, or straight. The amount you win per hand will be detailed by the game and online casino itself. After taking note of what you have to do, it is personal strategy that will separate the good players from the bad.

Game Payout

The foundations of your strategy should start through research and observation. You need to look at the terms and conditions of the game to find out what the returns are before you put any money into it. Typical games will have an average payout of 3% per game, this also known as the house edge. This figure is usually determined in part by the costs to play the game. Breaking this down in more simple terms, if an online casino has a 3% profit margin on each play, then players on average will receive 97% of the money paid in. It can all get a little complicated, but it is key information you must know should you want to be successful at video poker.

Paytable Scale

When looking at the paytable for an online video poker game you’ll see that things vary from how many “coins” you are will to pay in, with there being a bonus should you get a royal flush at any point. Obviously you’ll find the bigger payouts at the higher end of that scale, but if you can’t afford to hit that “max bet” button regularly don’t worry. There is still profit to be found on a lesser scale by paying at lower pay-in levels, while there are sure to be lower domination online video poker games available to suit your budget elsewhere.

Game Preference

The biggest mistake that most video poker players make is clear, they ignore the above and consistently pay-in to games that just don’t deliver a desirable payout percentage. You’ll find that many online casinos offer video poker games of varying types; this is because many players can’t tell the difference between the good and the bad. It all culminates in the ultimate online video poker beginner’s tip being very simple, do the maths and find the right game if you want to succeed.

This guide has talked you through the novice elements of finding success at video poker, while a casino portal will provide you with information on the best sign-up bonuses to get the ball rolling. Combine both the aforementioned and you’ll be on your way to becoming a video poker veteran in no time.

Where to Find the Best Player Tips

From learning the ins and outs of a new game releases to researching strategies, player incentives and gaming tips – when it comes to beating the casino, there are a number of casino portals, players and forums to look to.

Player tips are an asset to both new and pro gamers – they help new players to build their skills and they help pro players to learn the ins and outs of games they are yet to try.

Where to look

When it comes to finding the best available tips, look to a trustworthy casino portal. You can find a number of portals online, all of which house a variety of information when it comes to sourcing the most helpful strategies. Casinoraters.com is a good portal to start off at – they offer both game guides as well as the latest freespins promotions at popular sites like Leo Vegas.

Top tips for beating the casino

One top tip to note when it comes to beating the dealer is to keep your eyes on the prize. Today’s casinos have amped up their online gaming experience by offering better graphics, live games, realistic sound effects and enticing promotions – try not to get to drawn in to this and instead, keep your eyes on the prize at all times. This will help you to keep a clear head when it comes to winning the jackpot.

Another tip to take into consideration is a budget! Knowing when to say when is a great way to ensure you don’t break the bank! If you don’t have a budget in mind, you may end up losing a great deal more than intended.

Go big or go home

The standard slot machine undoubtedly costs players two or three times more than that of the standard table game – especially when it comes to placing a wager. If you want to win big, opt for other games boasting bigger payouts instead.

Practise…practise and then practise some more

That age old saying ‘practise makes perfect’ is certainly true when it comes to playing at an online casino. If you neglect to improve your skills, you’re likely to lose a large sum of money! However, if you practise at improving your game play – using a number of free games – you’ll be in with a much better chance of winning! In most games, to be in with a chance on cashing in on the highest jackpot, you’ll need to play at an expert level. This requires some level of skill.

Only play for as long as you can afford

It’s very easy to lose track of time when playing at an online casino, which is why it’s important to invest in a watch! If you play for too long, you may end up betting more than you can afford. However, if you play for too little, you may not wager enough to be in with a chance of win. It’s important to employ a happy medium when gambling online and also opt for sites offering promotions when you can.

Another thing to bear in mind when playing to win, is to choose the right game. Never play a game you don’t enjoy. If you enjoy the game, you’re much more likely to do well at it. You’re also more likely to be passionate about it and as such, you’ll be more willing to learn as much about it, including tactics, strategies and casino tips. Once you have a number of these under your belt, you’ll get better and better at playing your chosen game!

The common myths of online blackjack

If one online casino game encounters more myths than any other it’s blackjack. They seem to follow the game around, especially within the world of online blackjack. Some of the myths may seem legitimate, some of the myths may seem silly, but whatever the myth is, this article is here to debunk it for good.

Myth – Blackjack is all luck

Truth – Is there a luck element within the world of online blackjack? Without doubt, but it certainly isn’t all that the game is made up of. If you want to win at blackjack consistently you are going you need skill and strategy more than just the “luck of the cards”.

Myth – All blackjack strategies are complicated and time consuming

Truth – Scientists developed the initial blackjack strategies during the mid 1950s. While the strategies may have come from the top minds of that generation, to say that such strategies in this day are complicated is an overstatement. The basic playing strategy that is so famous can be learnt with relative ease, plus there are newer strategies around that are even easier to implement. The fact is that strategies come in various different skill levels, from novice to professional, so there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be using one when play online blackjack.

Myth – Betting on side bets reduces the house edge

Truth – There is no doubt that for some casino games putting more money on the table can increase a players control, but no matter what people say online blackjack isn’t one of them. Side bets are there for one purpose and one purpose only, to increase how much the casino can make. The side bets are often cheap and are given countless fancy names (such as pair square, lucky ladies, and bonus blackjack). The problem is that these side bets regularly have a high house edge and in the long run the casino is just going to sweep up all the money you choose to put down.

Myth – All online blackjack variations are pretty much the same

Truth – This is the myth that annoys me the most, as it clearly derails the game of so many blackjack players. I must now state for the record that not all blackjack games are the same, in fact there are big differences between them. The game to watch out for the most is single deck blackjack that pays out at 6 to 5. The online casinos promote this game rigorously, but it doesn’t deliver the same level of payout as traditional two-deck blackjack games.

Myth – Casino bonuses are traps

Truth – This has been a myth that has circulated for sometime and even though there is some truth to it, to say that casino bonuses are simply “traps” would be unfair. They are issued to you with key conditions with regards to wagering, but whichever way you look at it they offer you the chance to bet on blackjack for free. If you want more specific information on the casino bonuses available and their terms I recommend you pay a visit to one of the bigger casino portals on the interntet. You can get some great casino online offers at casinohits.se!

Myth – You can play blackjack “blind”

Truth – There are many recreational players who logon to an online casino and think that they can play through betting strategy alone and ignore the cards on the table. Playing blackjack blind has been a strategy committed by those on supposed “hot streaks” or flashy players who want to look more impressive than they actually are. The truth is that playing a hand blind is something very foolish, always stay focused and understand the cards you hold at all times.

How to make a fortune playing online baccarat

When it comes to rules and scoring, Baccarat is a relatively simple game. You just need to get a score that comes as close to the “natural eight” or “natural nine” as possible. If you don’t draw a “natural” score, then another card is drawn, with the rules changing as the game progresses. On paper it sounds like child’s play, but in reality baccarat can be anything but. There is a true complexity to the game when you look deep beneath the surface. Because of this you need to approach the game with caution and bet smart if you truly want to have a chance at winning big. While there is no magical winning formula for baccarat, pay attention to the following and you may find yourself on your way to winning a small fortune.

First of all, before we go any further, make sure to pick up a good bonus before you start playing baccarat at an online casino. A good place to do so is http://mrcasinon.com.

Gambling in any form is a very risky business, as the games you’ll find online are all luck based and baccarat is no different. Known to be the game of fortune, you’re going need luck on your side to be a winner, but that isn’t all you’re going to need. You’re going to need to develop an instinct for the game in the online environment. As you peruse the tables, you will need to learn to spot high stakes games right off the bat. Ignore the “just one game” temptation and stick to “small and often” wins. You will also need to learn that when your luck is in, it can just as quickly disappear. If you are winning big, don’t push your luck too hard and be sure that you leave on top whenever you can. Lady luck can be a cruel mistress and will surely desert you at some point when you play online baccarat, just be sure that she doesn’t take all your money to boot. Be smart, always treat your money with the care and attention it deserves, and know when to call it quits.

When you play online baccarat you are betting on the banker, the payer, or tie being the outcome. In all reality a tie isn’t going to be something you’ll see too often, so it isn’t something that is worth your money. Always be decisive in your actions and pick a side when you bet, banker or payer, your money should fall nowhere in between the two. Also, bet with small amounts to begin with, because as they say a fool and his money are easily parted. Test your luck and only move up towards high stakes games when you truly feel comfortable, while if you rarely feel like this don’t worry, as there is success to be found in betting small and often.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear already that luck is going to play a large part in how you fare when playing online baccarat. However, you still mustn’t gamble without logic and as veteran online baccarat players will tell you, studying is key. When you have time, take a step back and study what constitutes the winning patterns of the game. From there you can find what moves relate to consistent victory and what moves don’t, find that pattern you could find yourself on the way to some notable wins.

The final determining factor in your online baccarat success story comes from where you play. Look at online casino charges that fall below the 5% standard commission, while they may be hard to find they definitely exist. Partner all that’s been mentioned above up with a 3% commission rate and you’ll be on the right tract to online baccarat success.

Playing Roulette On the Go

Most people do everything on their mobiles and tablets these days, so why not play live casino games using these devices too?

If you too are a fan of roulette, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of really in depth guides about the game on the internet today.  If you’re the kind of player that’s often out and about, whether travelling for work or enduring a long commute, playing online and on the go offers huge benefits. Thankfully a number of online casinos offer this service today, which means you can play your favourite games at any time. Once you’re logged into the mobile site, playing popular pastimes such as roulette is easy. Simply choose Live Roulette from the list of Casino games and decide whether you want to ‘play for real’ or ‘play for fun’.

Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be met by a full colour view of the roulette table. On the screen, you’ll also be able to view the betting amounts, a countdown to game play, your balance and a series of betting options – basically the same information you’d see if you were to play on your desktop computer. Many sites will also showcase a record of the last 10 numbers to come up in the game. There’s even an option to turn the sound off if you’re playing on a busy train or in a waiting room.

To place a bet, begin by selecting the amount you’d like to wager. If you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to start small or otherwise, try your hand at a free game first. If you’ve decided to place a real cash wager, simply touch the number or set of numbers you wish to wager on. Playing roulette really doesn’t get any easier.

Depending on where you’re playing and what style of game you’ve chosen to play – once all bets have been placed, you’ll be able to watch the wheel in action – sometimes through a live feed, whereby the croupier features in real time. Once the wheel comes to a standstill, players will be notified of the winning number. It’s up to you whether you choose to place your bets again.

Of course, prior to playing any casino game (even games such as roulette that rely heavily on luck) it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules. This applies to players playing both online and at traditional, brick and mortar style casinos. Playing free games is a good place to start, as the best way to learn how to play is to try the game out for yourself! You’ll also find a number of forums online – all of which feature a number of must-try tips and tricks. Such strategies will have you feeling more confident in just a few minutes! You’ll also find various reviews covering a variety of casinos – if you’re looking for the best place to play roulette; these are bound to come in handy – especially if you’re new to the world of online gaming.

Most likely you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. Casino portals are also a great source of intelligence if you’re looking for information on software reviews, casino recommendations and casino security knowledge. Often the hardest part to online gaming is actually choosing a venue to play at. It’s certainly important to choose a safe site, but also a venue that offers the best gaming experience possible.

Casino bonuses – What to watch out for

It is advertised to the public as free money, but there is actually a lot more to casino bonuses than just that. Whatever type of offer your claim, whether it’s free play, no-deposit bonus, matched bonus, free spins, or any other kind of casino bonus, you need to take into account that there is no such thing as a free lunch. After finding your preferred casino of choice at a bonus portal, you will need to get to grips with the terms and conditions along with the true cost of the bonus. You can find the best free spins no deposit uk deals at freespins.uk.com, along with a good selection of traditional bonuses, and you can also read the full information on the terms ad conditions there. Through this article I will talk you through all the elements that make up a casino bonus, from the wagering requirements to the impact it has on the house edge.

The biggest element within a bonus is promoted as the actual figure they are giving you, but don’t be fooled by this. The biggest element you need to focus on is the wagering requirement; this is the number of times you are going to have to put your bonus (plus original deposit) into a game before you can withdraw winnings from it. There is no industry-defined figure, so it can be a bit of minefield out there. You’ll find that some companies offer 40x, others 20x, while some may even offer 10x if you’re lucky. The complexity of the wagering requirement is only furthered by the game contributing percentage. This is the amount that a bet on any game counts towards that actual wagering requirement issued by the casino. It acts like a multiplier in many ways. For example, if you play a game such as roulette that has been labelled as 50% contributor, you will in theory have to bet twice as much. All the aforementioned is out to confuse you and has tripped up many a player. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is this, research the numbers before you actually sign-up to an online casino offering a casino bonus.

Another thing that you need to concern yourself with is the house edge. This is the percentage of bets that the casino will win both in the short-term and the long-term. For example, if you play a game that has a house edge of 5% then the house will make a 5% “win” from the game on a regular basis. Every game an online casino offers will have a house edge, although such figures are seldom publicised. For reference, blackjack tends to have the lowest house edge percentage while keno the highest, the house edge figure will help you dictate how long you must play for before you can expect to see profit.

After reading all the above you may be wondering if casino bonuses are all a trap to get you to deposit money, the answer to that is murky. The reason being that the wagering requirement, combined with the house edge and contribution percentage, is a sum that should keep your betting level in a position where your winnings do not exceed the bonus amount. Obviously when you gamble without the wagering requirement in place, you as the gambler have great control over your performance. It all points to the fact that online casino bonuses do carry a cost.

Are you asking me if casino bonuses are a trap? Then my answer to that would be no, it is free money at the end of the day. The key to getting the best out of the deal is to know what to watch out for, which is what this article has hopefully helped explain.